The President of Mun. Art Gallery for the exhibition “Artists of Chania interpret the Tower of Babel”

The statements of the President of the Municipal Art Gallery of Chania, Mr. George Varoudakis for the exhibition “Artists of Chania interpret the Tower of Babel”.


Babel-Tower, a term from the jewish biblical tradition, the name of the tower that implies the confusion of languages, caused by God’s punishment imposed on Noah’s descendants for their arrogance.

In another era, that of today, in a world deeply anxious moving on the rails of a globalised utopia, the ideological – obsessive, religious and technological Babel taking over today’s human societies, is also undoubtedly the main characteristic of our planetary reality.

It is this uncommon daily new “Babel” of ours, that 56 artists of our town were called upon to express, in their own personal way, through a group exhibition (based on the cunning idea of the curator Myrto Kontomitaki), an exhibition aiming at capturing the peculiar babelian process of today’s life.

In this world of the “global village”, while the obstacles of human communication are surpassed, the planet is overcome by every sort of excesses. Through desertification of the environment, violent population displacement, orchestrated impoverishment of the masses, destruction of human dignity, while predisposing us towards another form of world authority, which fosters or even legitimises and invests in raw violence, projecting right before our eyes a future particularly grim.

At this precise point is perhaps where the inner scepticism lies for every human, who operates through thoughts and values of the great intellectuals of humanity and it is in this manner that the artist of today has vowed to function, desiring to successfully message his audience through his work.

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