The Mayor of Chania for the exhibition “Artists of Chania interpret the Tower of Babel”

The statements of Mayor of Chania, Mr. Anastasios Vamboukas for the exhibition “Artists of Chania interpret the Tower of Babel”.


We are delighted to host in our Municipal Gallery this intriguing exhibition “Artists of Hania interpret the Tower of Babel”, curated by the Museologist, Art Historian, Myrto Kontomitaki.

Within its framework, artists of Hania present their work, which constitutes their own personal statement on the actual concept of the Tower of Babel. At the same time, the building of our Municipal Gallery is ideal itself for the architectural symbolism of the Tower of Babel.

Our town, with its multiculturalism and uniqueness, maintains all the characteristic features to inspire its artists, who proceed, with direct or indirect Babel references of our life today.

With the certainty that also this exhibition will provide plenty of food for thought, I invite the people of Hania, who have ultimately embraced our Municipal Gallery, to enjoy it.

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