98-102, Chalidon Street, 73 131 Chania, Crete, Greece

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The Art Gallery

On the beginning of the 21st century, in an era of rapid developments in every field of Man’s activities, the greek reality is open to the various influences of any kind of events that happen. Events, that regardless of their character, mark each one of us. The Municipality of Chania is now active within the field of Culture, especially in Fine Arts. Whatever was for decades only a vision for the people of Chania, is now alive thanks to the opening of the Municipal Art Gallery.


During the first era of the Gallery it is being presented just a part of the collection of artworks that the Municipality of Chania had acquired over the years. This collection is consisted of many works of art, but for maintenance reasons, is not possible for all to be displayed.

Now the Municiplaity of Chania, is aiming to the use of the Gallery, not as a Museum but as a place of protection and preservation of the Civiization with an extensive possible sense. A contemporary room, that the various fields of the Art, Science and Speech could be together, each one contributing equally, so that the materialization of the goals and visions of these divisions of the Human Spirit can become reality.In a modern sense, adjusted to our times, it is much more appropriate that the Municipal Art Gallery would be a centre of Cultural education, having Fine Arts as its basis, as well as a much wider frame of activities. Let’s not forget that “There are no boundaries where the Kingdom of Science ends and the Kingdom of Art begins”. Let’s look into the contribution of the Art, Science and Speech, the way and the means with which we will protect and rescue, produce, create and give an impulse to the one and only element that consists the guarantee for the assuring of our Human Substance: Civilization!



The following photos are offered by Mr. Mixalis Polyxronakis.