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Everyday Life and the Nature inside our Round Lives

Municipal Art Gallery of Chania, presents the sculptor Antonis Pavlakis at Giali Tzami.


Our life is round

We recycle a way of life; usually a rushed and banal routine.
But everyday an enormous hand grabs me, pulling me out of that circle and literally submerging me into a cloud of positive energy, there where Art reigns, contemplation, my philosophy…
Nature, as a source of inspiration, teaches me daily and guides me to my endless conceptions…
The artist observes, perceives, feels but still, these images are not enough for the dough of creativity!
We will immerse and we will seek inside our invisible BEING, and there we can find another essence, another value… keeping our soul company!
Everyday life and nature with its creatures, invite and thus challenge me, endlessly!
I want there to be content in my work, an energy towards their viewer…
I passionately serve the beautiful, the curve with it dynamic outbursts, the harmony of proportions, geometry. I study abstractness, the gaps around space and forms. I illustrate the possibility of the coexistence between our inner and outer conscious and subconscious.
Finally, I invite you to a lesson on loneliness!
For just one moment, stand before each piece of artwork alone, because these images are not transferred similarly to each individual consciousness… especially when they break the rationalism of everyday thought…

The sculptor
Antonis Pavlakis

Antonis Pavlakis
Curriculum vitae

Antonis Pavlakis was born in 1949 in Stalos, Chania. He studied in the sculpture workshop under Giannis Pappas, art theory with Panteli Prevelaki, set design and interior design at Athens School of Fine Arts from 1971-1976. He taught art for 35 years in Secondary Education in Chania. His sculptural pursuits span throughout Crete, with monuments in public spaces and other artwork in private homes and hotels. From 1976, the artist has participated in group shows in both Crete and Athens. Through his work, the artist usually studies elements which broach our everyday life, nature and its creatures.


Opening: Monday, 2 July 2018, at 8 pm

Duration of exhibition: 2 July – 29 July 2018

Opening hours: Daily 10.00 – 14.00 and 19.00 – 23.00, Sunday morning closed.

Tickets: General entrance 1 €. Children up to 12 years free of charge. Unemployed and student free with ID.